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Welcome to ALL WORGEN NO PLAY! The basic theme of our guild at the moment is the enjoy the New, Old and New-Old content in World of Warcraft together, and to have fun with one another in the process. Raid progression and other endgame content will be explored and experienced as we grow. Right now we're focusing on PvE content, Questing and Social Interaction. So take a look around, drop us a message (or application) on the forums and get in on the fun.
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New Guild Leader Toon - Same Person

Branhop, Dec 30, 10 3:24 PM.
So if you've noticed that guild leadership has passed from Shredz to Vitalist, fret not. They are, in fact, one and the same person. I've opted to transfer/faction change my level 81 Druid and move leadership to him. Just a little update about that.

-Vitalist (Shredz ^_~)

Guild Instance Runs are starting this week!

Branhop, Dec 20, 10 9:44 AM.
So this week I'm putting together the first of my efforts to get the guild running some dungeons together, starting in Outlands (since the majority of us are about level 60 now, thanks to all your hard work). After that maybe we'll snag some alts and all run some Oldworld stuff with the other guild lowbies.

So please check the forums for the instance time/date sign ups and any other news, info, fun stuff on there.


- Shredz

Website Changes.

Branhop, Dec 16, 10 10:49 AM.
I'm trying to mess with the default style formatting on this thing to get our guild page to look the best it can, for the time being at least. So bear with me. And if anything is too much of an eyesore for you, please don't hesitate to let me know.

- Shredz

We're Level 2!

Branhop, Dec 15, 10 1:07 PM.
As we grow in membership, I'm noticing that we're also growing in effort - and I could not be more thankful to everyone for their continued hard work in making sure AWNP is a guild full of dedicated, fun-loving players who wish to make their experience in game as enjoyable for themselves and others as possible. Thanks for all the determined effort from everyone, even if you think you're just simply leveling your toon - you're helping your guild out as well.

- Shredz

EDIT: I just noticed that our guild info on the armory says we're level 2 now! You guys rock!


Branhop, Dec 14, 10 11:25 AM.
I updated the Guild Rules and included a section about our Bank Usage, as we're growing more and more every day. I've allocated a page specifically for this, titled "Charter." So that's where you can find the Guild Rules from now on. Once we're in a reasonable position for Raid Rules, I'll develop and post them as well. Our charter is a work in progress, as we hammer out the details of what we're doing, exactly. Heh.

Keep leveling! I want us to do some dungeons and eventually raid together, team! <3

- Shredz
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